Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Doings at Medway Candle

Summer is here and Mike is busy making simply everything! Top on today's list--our Sunny Bee, a mineral sunscreen, SPF 30, a safe, natural way to repel harmful UV rays.

And speaking of repelling things, folks are all abuzz with the anticipation of wearing our essential oil-based insect repellant, Bug Bee Gone. Now, nothing can keep you totally mosquito-free if you insist on going outdoors in the summer, but you can minimize the close encounters of a buggy kind by remembering to apply it BEFORE you leave the house!

This summer, don't let the sun play havoc with your skin and don't let creatures of havoc dull their tiny teeth on your tender skin. 
And watch this space--rumour has it that before very long, you'll be able to buy Medway Candle products right from the pages of this blog...

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