Friday, July 15, 2011

Stinky Bee Becomes Buzz Off--and Bites are Down 80%!

Our new venture into mosquito repellent has been big fun and our test groups are telling us they like Buzz Off (nee, Stinky Bee) for all the bites they aren't getting. Tested on Long Cove Road, the buggiest place in Port Medway, with occasional forays into Keji adjunct and up the Mersey River with some naturalists, Buzz Off seems to be repelling the little devils at least as well as scary DEET-based bug juice, and without the toxicity. Made with smelly essential oils researched  in tropical climes like India and Thailand, our Buzz Off is composed of affordable and safe oils each shown to prevent bites. Personally, we hate the smell (having spilled a batch on the kitchen table), but our testers like it fine! Some are even using it as a perfume!

Made with four top-secret essential oils in a carrier base of grapeseed or olive oil, Buzz Off works for a solid hour before you need to reapply. One ingredient was chosen for its reputation as a tick repellent, the others, all repellents in their own right, work synergistically to offend mosquitoes and send them off looking for something else to eat. They'll still buzz you, but you'll find you get significantly fewer bites.

Now, if someone would only come up with a way to get us to put the stuff on BEFORE we go outside and get the first ten bites! (Why do we always hope there won't be any bugs?) One thing for sure, for Buzz Off to work, you have to put it on!

Our new, 25ml bottles are thick green glass--gorgeous--and sell for only $10.