Friday, June 15, 2012

Veiled: Medway Candle Creates Our First Natural Perfume

There was a time when perfumes were made of plant oils, resins, animal products (such as musk and ambergris), flower petals and spices. When Chanel #5 came out containing an aldehyde--purely not from nature but smelling (in my opinion) like Heaven--things changed. Since then, scent producers learned that synthetic fragrances are a lot cheaper than the real deal---pressing oil from roses takes a ton or work--and modern perfumes are more chemical than anything else. It wouldn't matter--except have you noticed that more people than ever are sensitive to scents?

The"nature-identical" synthetic chemical  fragrances are often made of toxic substances, such as coal tar derivatives. They are carcinogenic; they aggravate asthma and create digestive upsets. They might SMELL like the real thing, but they act in the body and organs in entirely different ways. No wonder we're all "allergic"!

So, here's what. Medway Candle is getting into perfumery--colognes, to be exact. Plant oils, resins, flower petals, spices. (No animal products) Totally natural.

Our first perfume debuts very soon. Think tropical, think summer and warm and sexy. Think India, Istanbul and Key West. Orange flower oil (called neroli) and patchouli. Bellydancing and nights in the harem...
We are calling it "Veiled".

Thank you author and artist Mary Ediger for naming our cologne!