Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Sun is Shining!

Oh Spring--you are so welcome! And sitting in Annapolis Royal's Bistro East yesterday, in front of a plate-glass window, wearing the layers of clothes we'd donned to weather the melting snows of Keji National Park, I felt the blaze of sun on my face and neck and suddenly recalled that we closed the autumn with only two tins of Sunny Bee sunscreen.

It's time to make some more!

Like all our products, Sunny Bee is all natural; made with the classic skin-protector zinc oxide, blended into beeswax and vegetable oils. The research on the new chemical sunscreens is all bad--they contain ingredients toxic to humans and the environment, they wash off--and the ones that resist water often create allergic reactions in wearers. When I couldn't wear sunscreens (they gave me a rash), I started using diaper creams, which contain zinc oxide in sufficient quantities to act as very good sunscreens. But nearly all of them are also based in petroleum products--mineral oil, petroleum jelly--or contain lanolin, which, of course, I'm also allergic to. They were also heavy and greasy--not ideal skin coatings for a sun-deprived, pale-skinned northern dweller.     

So Sunny Bee was born! All -natural, vegetarian (not vegan, as we do use beeswax), simple and good. SPF 30. We made it affordable, too. We'll be selling it at local farmers' markets and very soon, online. If you want some before we make the transition to Internet Sales, drop us a line through this blog and we'll mail you a tin.

Mike Bienstock & Lori Covington
Medway Candle

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