Monday, August 15, 2011

Medway Candle Welcomes Pete's Frootique

Medway Candle is so pleased to announce that the fine people at Pete's Frootique have added our beeswax candles to their line-up of natural products. Fact is, we've had a little piece of wedding cake under our pillows for a year, waiting and hoping that the best grocery and gourmet store in the province would take a gander at our candles, lip balm and creams: with Pete's stellar natural products section and their focus on providing the best to the folks of Halifax (and all of us who travel to the city to buy from their fantastic cheese counter, outrageous dessert shop and endless arrays of fresh veg) , it seemed like a match made in Heaven! Knowing that our beeswax candles are keeping company with the fine soaps, SLS-free shampoos and lovely essential oils crowding the shelves at Pete's on Spring Garden Road gives us a warm Medway Candle glow...

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