Friday, March 25, 2011

Essential Oils or Fragrance? What all candle-buyers should know about scent

Dear Readers,
If you're not already very clear on the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils, read this excellent article on the hazards of fragrance oils. Now, for the next week, read the label of every product you own--detergent, shampoo, soaps, cleaners, air fresheners and candles. Of course, candles! And know this: if a product claims it contains "fragrance" it is talking about chemically synthesized scents. (You may even find that "unscented" products contain fragrance to mask the smell of the product!) Look for products that contain only essential oils--they're hard to find. But they're worth it. Go on now, and follow the link below to find out more than you ever wanted to know about the fragrance chemicals currently found in nearly every product on the market.

This is Why Medway Candle Shuns Fragrance Oils

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